How do we switch spokespersons?

  • Before a battle, when the Moderator asks the captains for a spokesperson's name, you simply give the Moderator this week's spokesperson's name. Once a spokesperson is selected during the battle, that person remains as spokesperson until the end of the battle.

When are battles?

  • Wednesdays 11:00 - 3:00 PM

How do I know when I need to battle?

  • You'll receive an email every Monday before you battle and it tells you when your team battles. Use the Zoom link to get into your battles. Schedules are also posted on the website under Battles.

What do I need to do when I show up to a battle?

  • Try to be prompt to battles (but don't leave class until you are dismissed). Know ahead of time if you are going to be spokesperson. Please put all books and notes away so there's no temptation of sneaking answers.

How do I talk to my teammates during a battle?

  • Before your battle begins, you will be assigned to a breakout room so that you can talk with your teammates before your spokesperson gives us the answer. You can only talk to your teammates while you are in your breakout room.

Are books or notes allowed?

  • No, these items are not allowed during a battle. You have your teammates to consult with during the breakout room to come up with an answer. Bring your brains to battle!